EPPM is a sophisticated and highly capable project management system, the implementation of which is not by any means straightforward.

Organizations that have attempted to deploy EPPM without any up-front support, often learn the hard way. Mistakes made early in the process can cost dearly in lost productivity, lack of user buy-in, process reworking, tool reconfiguration, training and even lost internal and external credibility.

Tools Used

  • Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM
  • Microsoft Project Server
  • Microsoft Project Online

Implementation Methodology

The OOB installation of EPPM comes with a basic configuration set-up which requires additional customization of the administrative or settings in P6/ MS EPPM to cater to your company’s needs. The whole process of customizing & configuration is called Implementation in EPPM. EPPM consultants would sit down with your project team to conduct a needs analysis to help configure EPPM for you.

One of the main reasons it is necessary to have EPPM configured is to make sure that the security and user access settings are properly configured to be scalable. It is important to remember that P6 and MS EPPM is database driven, where multiple people can work on and make changes to the same project at the same time. It is necessary to ensure that people are given access to only their projects or even parts of the projects they are responsible for.

The implementation process can vary depending on the complexity of your company’s needs.

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